Sweetcorn boiled on the cob 1-2 pieces

  • Shelf life at room temperature is 3 months.
  • Country of origin Poland
  • 12 pieces in a carton
  • 450 g

Storage: in a dry place at 25C. Refrigerate after opening, consume within 3 days.

Zapytaj o cene:

Introducing our high-quality organic pickled vegetables! Made in Poland, these vacuum-sealed bio veggies have a shelf life of 3 months at room temperature. Each carton contains 12 jars, weighing 450g each. Store in a dry place at 25°C and refrigerate after opening, consuming within 3 days. Perfect for B2B companies seeking healthy and eco-friendly food options. Don’t miss out on these delicious and nutritious organic pickled vegetables! The healthy food we offer is vacuum sterilized vegetables, including bio silage and other eco food. Our picked and cooked vegetables are made of the highest quality vegetables directly from Polish farmers. We are happy to establish cooperation with wholesalers, chains, markets, shops to distribute our products. We have quality certificates and organic production certificates. Contact us to start our partnership.