Agro-Wit jako wystawcy podczas targów PLMA 2023 w Holandii

Agro-Wit exhibitor at PLMA 2023 in the Netherlands

The Agro-Wit company, striving to develop on foreign markets, decided to participate as an exhibitor at the PLMA 2023 fair, which took place in the Netherlands. PLMA, also known as the World of Private Label, is a great opportunity for companies involved in the production of private label products to establish valuable contacts and cooperation. Our company Agro-Wit had the opportunity to present our wide range of ecological and conventional bio products at this trade show.

Our stand at the PLMA was full of innovative products that are distinguished by high quality and an ecological approach to production. We proudly presented our ecological products that meet the highest quality standards and are certified by appropriate institutions. We are convinced that our offer has attracted the interest of numerous visitors looking for healthy, ecological and sustainable products.

The PLMA trade show was also an excellent opportunity to establish business contacts and start cooperation with other companies in the industry. We met with representatives of various retail chains, importers and distributors who showed interest in our products. During the talks, we discussed the possibilities of cooperation, negotiated distribution conditions and presented our unique approach to food production.

Our presence at the PLMA 2023 fair in the Netherlands was an important step in the expansion of our company into international markets. We hope that our offer of organic and conventional bio products has gained the recognition and trust of potential business partners. We strive to further develop and strengthen our position as a reputable supplier of healthy and organic food on the global market.

We are looking forward to further opportunities to participate in foreign trade shows and continue talks with potential partners. Thanks to such events, we are able to broaden our horizons, promote our values and contribute to a healthy lifestyle and sustainable food production.